Static Shock: Black N' Animated Podcast

Episode 23: Static Shock


Hey howdy hey BNA Listeners!

Bre and Way are back this week to chat about the SUPER HERO… STATIC SHOCK, WHOOP WHOOP!  It’s almost funny how long it’s taken them to talk about this show. WELL THE WAIT IS OVER.  Bre and Way discuss 3 iconic episodes in the series, and discuss their powerful messages involving gun violence, bullying, racisim, and black acceptance. Static is a show that wasn’t afraid to be silly, but also tackle important issues that children should learn about.

They also dive in briefly to the Origin of Static in Milestone Comics and his creator Dwayne McDuffie. 

Come to think of it… maybe it’s good it took them a little bit longer to get around to talking about Static. Yesterday, 6/1/19 was the 25th anniversary of Static Shock! PERFECT TIMING!

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