Voice Actors: Black N' Animated Podcast

Episode 21: Iconic Black Voices in Animation


Hey gang!

In this episode of Black N Animated. Way and Bre discuss Iconic Black Voice Actors. We name as many as we can think of along with well-known works of theirs. (No shade to people we didn’t get to mention.)

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Here is a list of the vocal talent mentioned in this episode! :

Phil Lamar (https://imdb.to/2DOSDWM ), Cree Summer (https://imdb.to/2GXxY3R), Regina King (https://imdb.to/2Y6OxBd), John Witherspoon (https://imdb.to/2JiYg36), James Earl Jones (https://imdb.to/2WywHXe), LeVar Burton (https://imdb.to/2Yf2ptp), James Avery (https://imdb.to/2Y1U1Nw), Kevin Michael Richardson (https://imdb.to/2WpmP2j), Gary Anthony Williams (https://imdb.to/2JeWyjc), Keith David (https://imdb.to/2H3VKfN), Isaac Hayes (https://imdb.to/2Vf3jcg), Zeno Robinson (https://imdb.to/2H2UARs), Shameik Moore (https://imdb.to/2vFEcA2 ), Kimberly Brooks (https://imdb.to/2WkI3y9), Estelle (https://imdb.to/2DRAO9L)


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