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Episode 09: Jeff Trammell


Hey howdy hey guys. Welcome to a new episode!

Just a couple of housekeeping things first,

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Now then. We’ve got another great interview for you!  The one, the only, Jeff Trammell! He’s a writer on that lovely little show on Cartoon Network called Craig of the Creek.

We get into some fun chatter about The Avengers, the ins and outs of the Nick Writing Program, what it takes to work as a writer in animation, and the powerful impact Craig of the Creek has had on the Black community. So if you’re interested in writing this is 100% the episode for you!

Wanna talk to Jeff? You can catch him on Twitter @MrJeffTrammell, and while you’re there, tweet at us!

For more information on the Nick Writing Program, follow the link below!

Later Dayz!!

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