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Episode 04: The Censored Eleven


Hello world!

We’re excited to present to you the fourth episode of the Black N Animated podcast! In this BW episode (WB? BW? still figuring that out), Bre and Way discuss the Censored Eleven. These are animated shorts originally produced and released by Warner Bros. and withheld from syndication by United Artist in 1968 for their racially insensitive content. We watch five of the shorts and discuss what makes them offensive, is there any salvaging them to make them better, and why acknowledging these shorts is important.


hittin the trail for hallelujah land , All this and Rabbit Stew, Jungle Jitters :

Coal Black and De Sebben Dwarves :

Tin Pan Alley Cats :

Negrobillia (The Problem with Apu) :

Whoopi Goldberg Warner collection Introduction :
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