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Episode 02: Black N Nerdy for Anime


Welcome to the second episode AND our first WB Episode! WB or BW? (Whichever floats your boat) WB episodes are casual chat episodes that take a break away from the interviews discussing topics in animation and how they relate to Black culture. On this episode we discuss anime that inspired us growing up and how it impacted our artwork. We also touch upon the unfortunate circumstance of racial stereotypes and minstrel looking characters in anime and while it may not be intentionally malicious it’s not okay to have designs that are rooted in negative characterization.  Can’t forget to bring up The Boondocks as well, and how artists like Aaron McGruder and LeSean Thomas were part of the wave of Ameri-anime that paved the way for young Black artists.

Thanks for listening folks!

Here is a Google Doc of ALL the characters, and Anime mentioned in the episode!

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